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Wuzhou Huangqiang Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Multispecialty supplier
Main categories: Loose Gemstones
Ranked #3 best sellers in Loose GemstonesRegistered trademarks (3)Finished product inspectionMinor customizationSample-based customization
HQ Gems Since 2005. We specialize in the production and sale of gemstones.
As an innovative company. We are committed to offering a diverse range of products covering a wide selection of semi-precious and synthetic gemstones. A variety of stone options are available, including freshwater pearls. Natural malachite. Lapis lazuli. Moonstone. Agate. Mother-of-pearl. Synthetic gemstones include: Cultivated diamonds, moissanite. Colombian emeralds. Zambi emerald. Alexandrite. Ruby. Sapphire. Zircon. Provide all kinds of gems and customized services. To meet the individual needs of customers.
Through strict quality control and professional service, we guarantee to provide customers with quality products. We work with reliable suppliers to ensure that every step, from raw materials to finished products, meets international standards and industry requirements. We also have an efficient logistics system to ensure timely delivery of the products our customers require.